Developing the Plan, Creating the Message, and Getting it Out

Marketing strategy; marketing plans; marketing campaigns; market research; communications development and implementation via new, traditional, and emerging formats, deliverables, and devices; return-on-investment assessment

Animal Health Companies or Organizations [links to bullet points below]

–    External communications: branding, website design and development, marketing materials, technical manuals and technical bulletins, white papers, articles, manuscripts, social media and email campaigns, advertising, newsletters, packaging, promotional items, infographics and visual representation of scientific and marketing data, editing, webinars, video development and production

–    Internal communications: training, curriculum, HR, intranets, apps, video, peer-to-peer and vertical materials, databases, internal social media, resource catalogues, webinars, presentation libraries, newsletters, company schedule, announcements

Companies and Organizations with Potential Animal Health Applications [links to bullet points below]

–    External communications: presentations, white papers, background packages, business staging, targeting investors and potential partners, acquiring organizations, collaborators, and distributors

–    Internal communications: animal health market education, coaching, presentation and meeting rehearsal

Investors [links to bullet points below]

–    External communications: strategies and deliverables targeting potential partners

–    Internal communications: communicating with portfolio companies about the AH market and its potential, staging portfolio companies, analyzing communications materials provided by organizations, companies, and individuals seeking funding or acquisition; analysis and refinement of portfolio company communications