Animal Health Companies: Looking for a Broader Portfolio


How do we help potential partners understand what the animal health industry needs?

Technology is emerging so quickly it’s difficult to identify and sort out opportunities even in companies with significant internal business development organizations. In many instances, business development departments are kept busy looking at unsolicited opportunities, many of which lack information indicating animal health applicability and value. This can compromise the amount of time the internal business development organization can spend targeting and pursuing defined areas of opportunity.

Turnstone AH can help in two ways.

When we work with a life sciences company, tech transfer organization, or investor group that may have an animal health application, we’re helping develop and produce profiles and other materials for review that speak to animal health audiences, making it easier to envision animal health potential.

When we work with an animal health business development group, we can supplement internal activities, particularly by looking for opportunities in a given animal health company’s areas of interest. We’ll help separate opportunities with real promise from those that may be interesting but not in line with portfolio plans or too early in development for consideration.