Opportunity Assessment and Optimization

What Has to Happen to Turn Possibilities into Opportunities . . . and Opportunities into Reality

It used to be that human health and animal health rarely connected – even at some of the animal health companies that were part of human health companies.

In recent years, two things have happened, and they’ve created new business opportunities:

  • Not invented here’ is no longer the barrier it once was. In fact, there’s a new belief that good and useful science can come from anywhere – including small companies, start-ups, university labs and even independent scientists.
  • Life sciences, biotech companies, technical transfer, and the investment community are realizing what animal health professionals have know for years – applying advancements in human health to animal health can be a strategically viable, profitable pursuit – for all parties.

While it may be fairly easy for animal health company decision makers to sort out ideas that clearly won’t work or don’t ‘fit’ in a given company, it can be much harder to give promising technologies a fast and fair assessment—particularly if they are at an early stage.

What We Do: Assessing, Connecting, and Speaking the Language

There are unique aspects of the animal health industry that need to be incorporated in business development efforts undertaken by human health companies, technology transfer organizations, and investors. New opportunities require new understanding, so these entities have to “speak” animal health in order to be heard.
Turnstone Animal Health specializes in connecting third party innovations (whether emerging science or ready-to-register products) with AH industry decision makers, and managing the process that captures interest and leads to agreements. We’re experts in creating business development communications—we know what you need to say and to whom you need to say it. From introductory letters targeted at the appropriate individuals, to presentations that showcase molecules, technologies and products while anticipating and answering the questions and objections of a scientifically and commercially sophisticated audience, our experience in the industry makes the difference.

Our skills go beyond communications.

We can review your opportunity and point out the strengths and weaknesses that potential partners will see. We can advise on the companies on which to focus your efforts, suggest optimal deal structures, arrange clinical and laboratory trial work to close data gaps, and conduct market research. We can even help you navigate the regulatory process –FDA, USDA and EPA.
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