Helping the Animal Health Industry Communicate


Animal health is a specialized industry requiring specialized communications. Our marketing communications experts work with animal health companies to craft and implement strategic communications that inform and engage the industry’s wide variety of audiences.

From helping develop marketing plans and strategic communications plans to implementing and measuring the effectiveness of a multifaceted campaign or a single deliverable and all the steps in between, Turnstone Animal Health brings creativity, energy, expertise, and a sense of fun to our projects and our relationships with clients.

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Our team of Animal Health communicators and industry experts is eager to help you uncover opportunities in this thriving industry. Turnstone AH will assess potential animal health applications of life sciences, biotechnology, university technology transfer, and investment portfolio sourced technologies, molecules, or devices, and help stage the opportunity, that is, develop and implement a communications program for presenting the opportunity to possible animal health partners.

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The current climate around animal health offers new opportunities for businesses not traditionally allied with the animal health industry and for animal health companies to benefit from advances in biotechnology and the life sciences.

New opportunities require new understanding. There are unique aspects to the animal health industry that need to be incorporated in business development efforts undertaken by human health companies and technology transfer organizations. These entities have to “speak” animal health in order to be heard.